MegaTec® - Real Power Tools

MegaTec® is a series of high quality weights training equipment based on the leverage / lever technique.

Designed and developed in Germany for daily use in the fields of personal training, sports clubs or associations, hotels and for personal use in a home gym.

The MegaTec® weights training equipment is certified according to the strict quality and safety standard "DIN EN 20957". The steel structures as well as the bolts and axles are designed for maximum safety when being used at maximum capacity. Rollers with ball bearings and lever arms guarantee optimal functionality with a silky smooth running action. The comfortable padding supports the athlete in using the weight machines precisely.

We believe in producing high quality weight training equipment and provide a long-term guarantee of 3 years on the frame and wearing parts of the MegaTec® weight training equipment series.

MegaTec® weight training equipment - safe - stable - functional - your first choice for professional and ambitious training!

User Group: Home-Gym and Semi-Profi
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