Barbarian Line


The Barbarian-Line® brand is one of the top for stationary weight training equipment.

Weight training equipment that results from over 20 years of experience in the field of development and construction and that is sought after and appreciated by experienced and ambitious trained athletes. Clubs, associations and sports clubs also count among our clients in ever growing numbers. Continuous development and improvements should continue to be a guarantee for high customer satisfaction, paying particular attention to the following features.

► Safety technology
► Functionality and biomechanics
► Easy operation and handling
► Stability and freedom from wear and tear
► Low maintenance
► Motivating design
► Value for money

The almost complete equipment series is certified according to DIN EN 957-S and therefore approved for use in associations, clubs, institutions and studios.

Barbarian-Line® - The Original
Constructed & Designed in Germany

User Group: Semi-Profi and Profi
Certificate: DIN EN 20957
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