ATX® - Athletic Training Xtreme

ATX® stands for professional branded equipment - Designed in Germany - and for functional strength training.

Our passion drives us to constantly innovate and develop and produce strength training equipment with maximum motivation and efficiency in order to motivate people to a active and strong lifestyle and help you reach your training goals faster.

Safety, functionality and quality are the crucial attributes that stand at the forefront of ATX® equipment.

Our ATX® products are manufactured using the latest technologies in laser cutting and welding robots. Thus, we not only guarantee extremely high quality but also efficient operations resulting in extremely cost-effective products.

► Precision laser manufacturing
► Thick-walled tubular steel profile 80 x 80 mm
► Individualised special production (Customer Built) possible
► Free 3-D CAD planning service
► Security certified according to EN 20957 with studio approval
► Wide range of expansion possibilities and options available
► by default in black, and on request also available in other RAL colors
► Powder-coated
► Quality "Designed in Germany"

Specifically designed for ambitious athletes, ATX® equipment is a first-class choice for tough, long-term use in fitness studios, Crossfit boxes, associations and institutions.

User Group: Profi
Certificate: DIN EN 20957
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